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Welcome to Auke Bay Cafe

Auke Bay Cafe proudly serves delicious food to the greater Juneau community.


Pragmatic Pinoy (AK49EDC)
Unassuming cozy spot with killer views across the street. The 2 girls who assisted us yesterday morning were pleasant and helpful. Dare I say this is the best omelet I've had yet? I ordered the veggie omelet and I'd recommend go on a long hike first or bring 2 other friends to...
Xochitl Castaneda
They have ice cream pies that are handmade here. I highly recommend you try one or bring it to a friend's house for dinner. I tried the Oreo, cookies and cream pie and I really enjoyed it.
Darrell H.
After years of mismanagement as a Waffle House, I think this place has a chance now. I am pleased with the quesadilla and the coffee too.. if it's empty now...